jimmer409® 18:19 17 Sep 05

just got a new dvd writer, can't figure out how to burn a dvd using nero that will convert WMV files to either VOB,IFO, of BUP. Seems these are the only ones supported by nero, and my camera will only sent WMV to my computer, as you can see totally new to digital vidio. any help greatly appreciated.

  De Marcus™ 18:26 17 Sep 05

What software are you using to capture your footage?

  De Marcus™ 18:26 17 Sep 05

Also what version of nero are you using?

  jimmer409® 18:59 17 Sep 05

windows movie maker, nero oem suite ver. 6

  De Marcus™ 19:11 17 Sep 05

You need to re-record your footage and delete the old stuff. Windows movie maker has captured your footage in the wmv file format which does your footage no favours. To capture in the correct format, plug the camera in and open using windows movie maker, at this point the wizard should start asking you to give your project a name, oblige and click on next, this screen is where you need to change the settings from 'best quality playback on my computer' to digital device format (dv-avi) and click on next and follow the remaining instructions. This will give the best quality in terms of recording back to camera or dvd.

The next problem you have is burning the disk, I don't think your version of nero will convert the new avi file into a suitable format, so i'll ask the question 'did you get any software that came with the camera?' because this is the software you'll need to burn you avi onto dvd disk. (it basically encodes the footage into the correct format, something your version of nero won't).

  jimmer409® 07:49 18 Sep 05

thanks so far, am now downloading the vidio from camera to pc using the avi option, yes the camera came with photosuite III se, but i can't see where it will support dv. the nero i have only supports VOB,IFO, and BUP type files, once I've got the vidio on the pc than what, really just need a simple program to extract from camera to pc and than be able to burn to DVD so I can watch on home dvd system. any other ideas greatly appreciated.

  De Marcus™ 11:24 18 Sep 05

I don't know of a free program that will allow you to do this (convert avi to dvd format), i use sonic mydvd and arcsoft plus a few other paid for program's. DVD santa is a cheap good alternative at about £15 sterling ($30 us), it also has some other useful features, click here

If another member knows of a free converter feel free to jump in.

  De Marcus™ 11:27 18 Sep 05

The penny may have just dropped with me and I apologise if it has, is this a digital video camera or a digital photo camera with video recording capabilities?

  jimmer409® 12:05 18 Sep 05

digital video camera

  pj123 12:22 18 Sep 05

You can download the latest update for Nero here free: click here

You will need to download both package 1 and 2.

Be aware they are about 32-35mb each, so if you are on dial-up it will take some time. I have both updates on my hard drive so if you are on dial-up and don't want to download them yourself email me your address and I will put them on a CD and post it out to you.

Once you have updated there is a "Capture Video" mode which I have used to capture and burn to DVD no problems.

  jimmer409® 12:37 18 Sep 05

thanks pj123, will the dvd's than play on a home system i.e panasonic saht70??

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