DV cable help

  slim 65 18:20 14 Jan 05

The 4 to 6 pin dv cable I bought today does not seem to fit into the firewire sockets on my Mesh pc. The aperture on the pc is much larger and square and seems to have more connectors. Can anyone please direct me to where I can get some info. many thanks.

  Sans le Sou 18:40 14 Jan 05

here are some examples click here

  slim 65 19:24 14 Jan 05

Thank you for the link but I can't seem to see what I need . Possibly a Mesh user who uses firewire could advise me ?

  Pamy 19:40 14 Jan 05

Are you sure that you have a firewire socket, or is it a USB one?


  slim 65 20:01 14 Jan 05

I've got 6 usb2 sockets and 2 firewire sockets according to the specs.

  davidg_richmond 20:11 14 Jan 05

are you possibly looking at the DVI output not the DV/firewire connection?

Check if there are any front ports that are only revealed by lifting a plate.

  slim 65 20:24 14 Jan 05

The Firewire ports are on the back next to the USB ports. It says on my MB specs that The ports are MCP-T integrated IEEE 1394a + Realtek PHY 8801 B. They look like enlarged telephone jacks.

  slim 65 20:35 14 Jan 05

Sorry I meant like large ADSL connectors

  davidg_richmond 20:38 14 Jan 05

Stick 'firewire' into Google image search and you will see the different connections. You may have a different motherboard layout than your manual suggests (if this is the case try looking on the net for the manufacturer's site).

  freaky 20:59 14 Jan 05

I have a new Mesh unit, and there is only 1 Firewire connector socket. That is next to the 2 top USB sockets just below the Com Port.

The above positions apply to the Midi & Micro Tower Cases.

The actual socket is about the same size as the USB, but is not flat at the bottom. It also has a solid block of what looks like 3 pins joined together in the center.

The description of the cable you have bought would not fit.

  slim 65 21:53 14 Jan 05

I pulled out the pc and found a socket at the very bottom left hand side of the case which seems to be Firewire and it works. On the pc diagram that I am looking at a large arrow points to the other socket which I have tried to use ,so goodness knows what that does. Very confusing !! anyway thanks for the help.

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