dust stopping laptop from booting ?????

  Ikelos 12:03 30 Aug 07

Hi, my Laptop would only get as far as the first boot screen, and no further, so it was sent back to be sorted, they said dust was stopping it booting up, can dust do that. thank you

  wee eddie 12:33 30 Aug 07

It will over heat before it gets a chance to do anything.

You must think about how and where you are using it. You will also need to clean and then keep the cooling system clear of dust

  Ikelos 13:05 30 Aug 07

thank you for that,I will take your tips on board.


  muscic lover 13:17 30 Aug 07

You can either vacume the dust vents clear of dust when you hoover the home, Be careful when you do and you should be OK if you use the nozzle attachment (not run it over with the hoover foot!!) Or you can buy a can of compressed AIR that you can use to blast the dust with. Or you can manually remove it with a soft small brush.

Whichever method you choose - SWITCH OFF YOUR PC FIRST and pull the plug from the wall too. You do not really want to jiggle the PC about too much.

The dust does get clogged into the cooling areas of the system and causes them not to work as efficiently at cooling your microchips down (and other components too) and as a result the heat builds up until either a piece exceeds a preset tollerence and shuts down or the computer heats too much and vital parts get damaged.

A once over monthly should do the trick for you.

  wee eddie 14:55 30 Aug 07

Use your Vacuum Cleaner's suction Nozzle on the vents. Then borrow the Boss's Hair Dryer and give the guts a blow out

  wiz-king 15:20 30 Aug 07

Is that a perm-anent way of holding it? Not just a blow dry.

  woodchip 15:32 30 Aug 07

No Carpets or Fags, as fags are glue like

  wee eddie 16:38 30 Aug 07

It's quick, easy and it works.

Better is a powerful air blaster but few of us has one of those

  Ikelos 17:32 30 Aug 07

strange you should say that, I do have a large compressor in the garage from the paint spraying days.

  wee eddie 17:53 30 Aug 07

to be too powerful but, with the right nozzle, do a great job.

I used to use my Wet/Dry Hoover, in blow mode, for getting dust out. Very quick and easy, but I found that it was sufficiently powerful to blow off an insufficiently well connected Tape Cable.

  woodchip 23:19 30 Aug 07

It will not move dust that's stuck as it often is

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