Duron 1600 fsb setting

  bananaslik 09:57 23 Nov 03

I;m just putting a new cpu in my computer,a duron 1600.I just want to know the setting,is it 100 or 133(i think it;s 100 but need to check with the experts)
I know it's small but the m/board restricts me going bigger.

  Gongoozler 10:10 23 Nov 03

Hi bananaslick. I just looked at this processor at Ebuyer, and they say that the fsb for this processor is 266M click here

I also found this useful information on one of their customer reviews:

"If you look at it's Mfr part code,
decoded from Right to left.........

FSB: C = 266

L2 Cache: 1 = 64 Kb

Die Temp: V = 85c

Operating Voltage: L = 1.5v

Package Type: D = OPGA

Frequency: 1600--------

Generation: HD = High-Performance Desktop Processor.

Family: D = Duron

You say that the processor spec is small, unless you want to be the fastest game player on the block, this processor will exceed anything that most users will ever need. I recently fitted one, and the performance was very impressive.

  bananaslik 10:27 23 Nov 03

will this cpu b ok with my m/board.Ita a MSI-6340M V5.0 (KM133A PRO5)=this is the board page=click here

  Gongoozler 11:14 23 Nov 03

Hi bananaslik. It may work, or you may need a BIOS update. click here

  Gongoozler 11:18 23 Nov 03

The MSI site is more optimistic about the processor it supports, so it's worth a try click here

  Quiller. 11:57 23 Nov 03

There does appear to be two duron 1.6 gig cpu's. I always thought that they, the duron 1.6,had a fsb of 133 and a multiplier of 12. But from this thread they may be some 100Mhz cpu's out there?

click here

  Gongoozler 12:27 23 Nov 03

I think the manufacturers code should make it clear which one you have, and if in doubt, set the motherboard for 100, and if it is wrong, the processor will be reported as running at about 1.2G.

  Rayuk 13:45 23 Nov 03

If you check the data on your cpu you can find ou the fsb.
Have a look here and note the new 133 is the Applebred series
click here

  bananaslik 14:48 23 Nov 03

many thanks to all who helped

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