Duplicated data between two computers

  frappy 11 Jun 11

I purchased a new Desktop (Windows 7 - Windows Live Mail 2011)) and transferred emails/contacts from my Laptop (Windows 7 - Windows Live Mail 2011)along with photos/music. The Laptop is now used by my wife who has her own email account and contacts. Her contacts appear on the Desktop and if I try to remove them they are removed from the Laptop. Likewise if she removes my contacts - still on the Laptop, they disappear from the Desktop. How can this be resolved? Would this affect all other transferred data?

  canarieslover 11 Jun 11

Check that you are not just sharing folders across your network instead of duplicating on the other computer.

  Secret-Squirrel 12 Jun 11

frappy, when you were using WLM on the laptop, were you always signed in to the Windows Live service? If you were, and you're also signed in with the same Live user account on the desktop, you'll be sharing the same (cloud-based) contacts list.

If any of that sounds possible then check WLM on your wife's laptop:

In the "Home" tab of the toolbar Ribbon, look at the icon on the far right-hand side. If it's grey and says "Sign In" then my hunch is wrong and you can disregard my advice. If on the other hand it shows a user is logged in, either sign out or ensure it's signed in with your wife's Live ID (if she has one).

  frappy 12 Jun 11

S-S.......thanks for the tip, I had to "book in" the wife to Windows Live ID but when actioned her contacts were not available. However, I imported them somehow and got all mine as well which since I've deleted. I checked to see if any of mine disappeared of the Desktop - all is fine. Thanks again!


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