duplicate photos everywhere

  mothercranky 19:49 23 Aug 06


i did a search through all my jpgs the other day to find a specific photo i wanted that i wasnt sure where it was. whilst searching i realised that most of the pics i have all over the place are duplicates, some have 6 or 7 or more of the same pic, but in different folders everywhere!

is there an easy way of deleting all the duplicates and making sure there remains one copy of each pic? (without deleting them one by one?)

thanks x

  VoG II 20:23 23 Aug 06

Picasa might help you with this but I don't think it will remove ther replicates for you click here

  moped 21:43 23 Aug 06

hi you can try this [url=Prismatic Software\DupDetector\DupDetector.exe]click here[/url]

  moped 21:43 23 Aug 06

hi you can try this Prismatic Software\DupDetector\DupDetector.exe

  wee eddie 22:10 23 Aug 06

Do they all have the same name?

Have they been filed in Different Folders?

What Software are you running?

  terryf 22:31 23 Aug 06

click here for duplicate file finder that allows you to choose the type of file duplicated

  mothercranky 10:59 24 Aug 06

thanks everyone

no they dont all have the same name, they are mostly numbered, its prob happened when have emptied the camera in a rush, over and over!

and yes, they are all in different folders.

am running xp

  mothercranky 11:17 24 Aug 06

have just uses the duplicate file finder and it deleted thousands of files, but when i did a search for all photos onmy pc there are still loads the same on it. have i cocked it up somehow?

  Diemmess 12:34 24 Aug 06

Some of the duplications may even be shortcuts (docs My Photos and other places) but if you are taking lots of photos, now is not too soon to start a new folder somewhere away from the OS and with a distinctive name.

Have a subfolder in there called Temp.
Make sure that any new pics (with only numbers not names) are put there straight from the camera.
Those you decide to keep can be named and saved in suitable sub folders..... the rest you delete then and there!!

Little by little CUT and PASTE wanted pics from all over the HD making sure they disappear from where you found them and appear where you expect.

Finally search again for duplicated files and delete them a folder at a time.

This method is slow but you keep control and you will any way be saving the latest pics in the place you chose....... wont you?

  LAP 13:14 25 Aug 06

Just a thought, do you reset your camera each time to '0' or is it set up to to start numbering from '0'? If so alter the settings so that it continues numbering. If that makes sense!

  Diemmess 17:43 25 Aug 06

Good prompt LAP!
Otherwise you may overwrite existing pics or acquire an amazing set of "DC1234(2)" duplicates!

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