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  bendigo 07:53 27 Dec 06

Probably a real ding-a-ling question-----When there are duplicate photos which have been created automatically by software, such as HPphotosmart or Picasa2 in addition to My Pictures, I presume they are all taking up individual space on my hard disk, and are independant. ie editing one does not affect the duplicate. This is as I understand it to be except I seem to remember that when I had picasa2 on my previous computer if one deleted a picture from p2 it also removed it wherever it appeared. Is there any software which can trace duplicates for deletion. Like many people I have hundreds of pics!!!. Apart from the last query, I'm not sure whether this posting is a question or just a request for confimation. Thanks anyway.

  rawprawn 09:05 27 Dec 06

In Picassa2 You have the choice of either deleting the photo from the HD (Right click on photo) or clearing it from Picassa (Clear button at bottom) I dn't know of a program that will find duplicates, maybe someone else does.

  radi8or 09:47 27 Dec 06
  ^wave^ 09:48 27 Dec 06

this is what i believe happens when you download your pics it stores them in a folder a lot a applications tend to use the folder my pictures. all picaasa does is catalog those pics and displays them. it doesnt move them or create duplicates

  bendigo 11:30 30 Dec 06

In desperation I am putting this message into this thread as I cannot think what else to do.
I cannot use any search box on this site. I get an error page to which I respond but so far have had no luck. Has anyone had the same problem and if so how was it cured.

  VoG II 11:32 30 Dec 06
  bendigo 15:24 30 Dec 06

thanks VoG, we met again following your lead. seems there's a lot of it about. also it's interesting to see how many unstable pcs' there are out there

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