a dumb question i fear - fans

  Bailey08787 15:58 14 Nov 03


i'm just about to install four new (hopefully quieter more efficient) fans into my system.

In my case, I have two fans at the front-base, drawing air in, and two fans drawing air out (one at the back, one at the top).

When I replace these fans, how do I ensure the new fans are spinning in the correct direction in order to either draw in or expel the air?


  Djohn 16:04 14 Nov 03

It is difficult to tell at times. I just hold a small piece of thin paper in front of the fan while it's running, but before fastening to the case. It will either be drawn into the fan or blown away. j.

  Mike-287412 16:12 14 Nov 03

Perhaps you could try putting your hand in front of them?

  Bailey08787 16:17 14 Nov 03

okay - but i'm right in assuming that the fans can be attached either way (ie, front or back) - correct?

  Mike574 16:59 14 Nov 03

If you look around the sides of the fan you will see an arrow embosed on one of them. This shows the direction of airflow through the fan. All the fans I have seen have this on so hopefully yours will too.

  Mike574 17:02 14 Nov 03

Also yes you can attach them either way as both the front and back of the fan(intake and exhaust??) will have mounting holes in the 4 corners.

  hugh-265156 17:07 14 Nov 03

the side with the label on it usually blows

plain side without label sucks

  The Spires 17:48 14 Nov 03

'The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind, the answer is blowin' in the wind' :-)

  wee eddie 23:35 15 Nov 03

He will wet his finger and put it in the air stream.

The side that dries first is indicative of the direction of airflow.

  Gandalph 01:11 16 Nov 03

Good grief.

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