VoG™ 23:13 07 Mar 03

Which is correct:

E-mail or email

and why? Please.

  powerless 23:16 07 Mar 03

"Please ensure that your thread title accurately describes your subject".


email i would say. As to why...who knows

  woodchip 23:17 07 Mar 03

I always use the first, but it all makes sense to me

  pj123 23:18 07 Mar 03

That's a tricky one. it is probably e-mail. but if you tell someone verbally to email you, you don't say "e hyphen mail me" do you? as long as it is understood i shouldn't think it matter how you say or write it.

  powerless 23:19 07 Mar 03
  woodchip 23:22 07 Mar 03

The reason I do it that way, is because my voice recognition types it like that. and Word Processor accepts it as spelt correctly. But cannot see any difference ether way

  « Ravin » 23:22 07 Mar 03

maybe the "-" is there so while saying it there's a pause between e and mail

  woodchip 23:23 07 Mar 03

PS it is made up of two words Electronic Mail

  spud 23:28 07 Mar 03

i'm pretty sure its He-Male

  spud 23:32 07 Mar 03

Vog you need to get out more!

  Ironman556 23:39 07 Mar 03

I'd've thought (Is I'd've a word?) that it was e-mail because it's made up of 2 words, and one is shortedned (don't ask me to explain that thinking). Otherwise you'd pronounce it differently, with "em" wouldn't you?

Someone get one of those old book things... a dictionary I belive they're called.

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