Duel boot xp/linux

  jimv7 18:52 28 Jun 03

I have a scsi based computer, with 1 60 gig ide drive as extra storage and 5 scsi 160 drives for main use.
Running win xp booting from scsi 0.

I decided to download and install mandrake 9.1 as a second os.

I partitioned and only formatted 40gig of the ide leaving 20gig for the use by mandrake.

Mandrake installed to the correct partition but gave me no boot options.

Hence my computer only boots into xp without options for linux.

I borrowed a friends floppy disk with PQ boot magic 8 on, and it does not see the scsi ntfs disks.

Is there a boot manager that will work with scsi/ntfs and linux.


  jimv7 02:07 29 Jun 03


  jimv7 21:24 30 Jun 03


  zanwalk 21:48 30 Jun 03

See if this is any use to you:

click here

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