Dual Tuners

  danpep5552 08:25 02 Jun 06

I am looking for a media centre with dual tuners (I wish to have the ability to watch one and record another channel). However currently I have only the sky digital signal coming into the house. Will dual tuners do me any good anyway? Are dual tuners only good if you have a signal from more than one source, so should I sort out my terrestrial signal which is non existent, or is there another way to get freeview. Should I not bother and just get a HDD DVD? I have this computer and a lap top anyway. Thanks.

  slimbo51 08:35 02 Jun 06

The only outfit that does dual tuners for a PC is as link click here

Got a single tuner card (PCI) myself and works great.

May or may not do what you want need to contact Nebula to ask.

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