dual processor and dual agp graphics motherboard

  stephen0205 13:54 06 Aug 06

I am building the ultamate gaming pc and i have most of the parts eg. hd drive , blu-ray drive writer , dvd wrighter, card reader , 2x 4.2 amd processors and 2 512 geforce nvida grap[hics card but i cant fina a mother board that supports 2 4.2 processors and those 2 graphicas cards and also if some one cold give me a link to a cheap water cooling system for my old pc and a dear realy good one for my new one that would be great .

  SG Atlantis® 14:02 06 Aug 06

I thought SLI was 2 cards running in PCI-express slots, not AGP?

Which processor?

and lastly blu-ray? is that out yet?

  SG Atlantis® 14:05 06 Aug 06

Ok so blu-ray is available at £600 a touch click here

  goonerbill © ® 14:13 06 Aug 06

you cannot have 2 AGP graphics cards in 1 pc, only able to do that with PCI-E SLI motherboards and PCI-E graphics cards.

as for running 2 AMD cpu's on 1 motherboard, this will more than likely be possible but you will need a server motherboard i believe because as far as i know, no one has made a dual cpu motherboard since socket A for amd but i may be wrong on this, which someone will point out if this is the case.

  ed-0 14:24 06 Aug 06

They are plenty of server motherboards that will take dual socket 939's. one or two will also run sli cards.

  ed-0 14:27 06 Aug 06

The tyan socket 940 may fit the bill. click here after a 30 second google

  jimv7 14:29 06 Aug 06

Closest I can find....TYAN Tiger K8WE S2895 Dual AMD

click here

  ed-0 14:40 06 Aug 06


The MSI K8N Master2-FAR click here Dual opteron and SLI mode.

  SG Atlantis® 14:45 06 Aug 06

he apparently has 2 AGP graphics cards (note title of thread), PCI-X is of no use.

Can you clarify it please stephen0205?

  ed-0 14:59 06 Aug 06

The 512mb geforce nvida graphics card only comes in sli PCI-Express, doesn't it?

Or am I thinking of the wrong cards?

  SG Atlantis® 15:22 06 Aug 06

ed-0 you can get agp cards that carry 512mb of memory.

He doesn't specify the model of card either, just that they're nvidia

click here

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