Dual monitors

  jerryj 20:34 15 Oct 09

I have a MSI FX5200 graphics card. It has 2 outputs, 1 VGA 1 DVI. How do I get both monitors to work. I can only get the VGA to work. I have both monitors conceted.

  DieSse 22:04 15 Oct 09

You need to go into the nvidia setup in the Display control.

Start - Settings - Coontrol Panel. Double Click Display

Choose Settings Tab - Click Advanced - Choose Ge5200 or nvidia tab

Click Start the nvidia Control Panel - click setup multiple displays - choose what you want to do.

  woodchip 22:05 15 Oct 09

As above you should see a Tab in the Settings with two monitors in it

  jerryj 09:22 17 Oct 09

I now have both screens working.
But now the one that I added is green on start up and red when running windows XP.

  DieSse 13:11 17 Oct 09

Check the cable carefully for a bad connection and/or bent pins inside the connector.

Check the monitor elsewhere.

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