dual moniters (setting up)

  Tree3 22:06 29 Sep 04

i have two moniters and a Radeon 9200se i wondered if i plugged one moniter into there then the other in a pci grphics card would work. but only one of the monmiters worked and i cant find a moniter vga plug that goes into a s-video adapter anywhere. please how do i set it up

  JonnyTub 22:14 29 Sep 04

as far as i'm aware the 9200 se has only one monitor output and a video (s-video) output, that basically means one monitor and one tv device, someone correct me if i'm wrong.

you need a dual head graphics card to be able to use two monitors.

  Night Ryder 22:34 29 Sep 04

If your graphics card is a dual header, you will see two connectors for monitors on the back of the card and an s-video connection. This being the case you should have received an adaptor for this second monitor output with the card. You don't use the s-video for the second monitor, you will first have to connect the adaptor to your graphics card and then plug the second monitor into the end of this adaptor. Should add at his point, the second monitor output without the adaptor fitted doesn't look like the main VGA connector, hence the need for the adaptor.

If this all fits in with what you have you will now need to go to the windows display properties and set to span windows desktop to the second monitor.

  Tree3 20:42 30 Sep 04

what is this adapter, my graphics card is oem

  Night Ryder 21:30 30 Sep 04

I have now had time to look up the spec., for your graphics card and I'm afraid it does not support dual monitors so disregard the advice I gave earlier regarding an adapter. If you wish to run two monitors on your PC you will need a nwe dual header graphics card that supports two monitors.

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