dual memory

  the kopite 22:05 25 Feb 05

Hi Guys I have 512mb pc3200 memory what would be the difference in performance between installing another 512mb 3200 memory dual channel or 1 gb pc 3200 thanks kopite

  kinger 22:10 25 Feb 05

I'm using dual memory and it renders video quicker than my old PC that had a non dual system.

  citadel 23:10 25 Feb 05

can be give a speed increase, check your motherbord manual for info on installing, in mine I have 512 in slot one and 512 in slot three.

  the kopite 00:06 26 Feb 05

Thanks Guys so you say I am better off going for another 512mb than buying 1 gb Kopite

  goonerbill © ® 00:17 26 Feb 05

to sticks of 512mb will run quicker on a dual channel mobo than a single stick of 1gb. 3 memory slots, two slots same colour and 3rd slot different colour. install one stick in 3rd slot and other stick in slot one, usually the furthest away from slot 3.

check your user manual or post back make/model of mobo and someone will tell you the correct way to install if i'm wrong but thats how mine is configered asus A7N8X-E Deluxe.

  the kopite 01:38 26 Feb 05

Thanks goonerbill I checked my mboard and it says slots 1 and three.( come on you reds )kopite lol

  goonerbill © ® 08:54 26 Feb 05

put another nail in chelski's coffin tomorrow, win nothing : ) lol

  ThePharcyde007 08:58 26 Feb 05

What processor are you using. If its a Pentium which supports Hyperthreading, you should not basically see a big increase. I have 2 512mb running with a P4 3.4. It flys. I think 1GB is the standard these days, especially with all the new software coming on the market/new games.

  the kopite 09:35 26 Feb 05

ThePharcyde007 Hi its only a sempron 2200 but will be getting a amd 3200 this day thanks my motherboard is a elite n2u400-a thanks kopite

  the kopite 09:37 26 Feb 05

goonerbill I am going to tell you how its going to be chealsea 1 and liverpool 3 lol kopite

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