Dual Layer DVD RW

  audeal 06:13 22 Oct 08

With reference to my recent thread asking if Dual Layer RW disks existed, I found this article from The Register published in 2006

It seems they do exist. But alas, It does not state when we will be seeing them. But after nearly three years I would have thought they would be on sale by now. I wonder what's taking them so long.

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  audeal 06:17 22 Oct 08

I just re-read the article and it does indeed state when they would be shipped. Apparently in the middle of 2006.

If anyone knows where these disks can be purchased from then I would be greatfull for that information.

  hastelloy 07:23 22 Oct 08

I tried to find a supply of these some time ago. I did find an article about JVC producing them but was unable to find a supplier. My best guess is that they stopped producing them as there wasn't sufficient demand.

  mad1234 08:37 22 Oct 08

click here
found this on a google search

  audeal 10:34 22 Oct 08

marvin42: It seems that you are right about the lack of support, but that would not be surprising if they do not publicize this line so people know about them.

mad1234: Not a single RW DL among them, but thanks anyway.

Does anyone know of a supplier for any Double Layer Re-Writer DVD's.

Thanks. Audeal

  mad1234 10:42 22 Oct 08

sorry audeal i got so caught up with trying to find RW i forgot to look for DL. i had no problem finding dvd-dl-r but rw seem impossible to find

  audeal 10:57 22 Oct 08

I forgive you. If you read the article in the link I gave then you will agree that they did exist, at least, for a while.

The reason I would like to get hold of these disks is that while editing a Video for a friend this week it was to long to fit on a single layer disk so I needed to put it on a Double Layer disk. This may sound ok but something went wrong with the Rendering of the film and would not burn to the disk and my attempts to fix it cost me five double layer disks. A Re-writer would have saved me these five disks as I could have reformatted the disks.

  eedcam 11:04 22 Oct 08

Too long for a singlelayer by how much you can shrink a fullblown movie with no visible loss in quality to fit a single layer disc

  audeal 11:20 22 Oct 08

eedcam: I never thought of that one.

I took up three quarters of a Double Layered disk. Could it be shrunk that much? It might be worth looking into for any future large editing jobs.

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