dual ddr memory slots?

  andylfc2 22:33 09 Apr 04

does this mean i can use,for example 512 3200ddr in one slot & 512 2100 ddr in the other?

  LastChip 22:37 09 Apr 04

But they will only run at the lower speed.

Also you will need W2K, XP or Linux to support 1Gig of RAM.

  SANTOS7 22:38 09 Apr 04

click here this should give you the info you need happy holiday [email protected]

Does 2x256MB PC2700 DDR RAM run faster than 1x512MB PC2700 DDR RAM?

Forgot to mention, I have a Shuttle SN45G with an nForce2 motherboard in it.

  LastChip 22:44 09 Apr 04

But I doubt in practice you would see the difference.

  temp003 06:20 10 Apr 04

nForce2 supports dual channel memory, and so a pair of 256MB modules can run in dual channel. But your Athlon CPU is unlikely to be running on a FSB faster than 333MHz, so even a single channel DDR PC2700 (DDR333) provides enough bandwidth for data transfer to and from the CPU. The extra bandwidth given by dual channel can benefit direct memory access devices. But unless your computer is often on maximum load, you won't notice much difference with the dual channel setup, as LastChip says.

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