Dual Core Processor Game Compatibility

  Spamme 21:22 30 Oct 06

Is the amd x2 cpu compatible with Rome Total War?

Is there a list of games that the athlon 64 x2 cpu is compatible with?

What games are compatible with this cpu?

I know there are "fixes" windows hotfix the amd optimizer patch etc, but I am still having difficulties with running some of my games.

  Mark5001 22:30 30 Oct 06
  gudgulf 22:46 30 Oct 06

There are known problems with Rome total War and AMD X2 cpus.This thread might help click here

I'm not sure if there is a list of compatible games but this forum thread has a lot of information that is relevant click here

  Totally-braindead 22:47 30 Oct 06

I didn't realise that the dual core processors had any problem whatsoever with compatability with any software. I know the 64 bit version of windows does but didn't know about the processor.

Or have I got this all wrong?

  woodchip 22:52 30 Oct 06

All new tec throws up problems when in the midst of change, also a X2 can run slower than single 64 chip

  gudgulf 22:59 30 Oct 06

I've not seen any problems occurring with Intel dual cores........which I think are two completely separate processors/cache on the one chip.AMD on the other hand does seem to have issues with some games.It's got something to do with the way the Athlon X2s operate shared memory/cache so that when running some single threaded games they don't run them as if they were on a single core cpu.That causes problems.

The solution seems to be,in most cases, to instruct/patch the game to run on only one of the cores.However trawling the net shows that not everyone gets the problem or the severity of it varies wildly.

  Spamme 22:55 31 Oct 06

thanks everyone, really appreciate the help :D !!!

  ashdav 00:37 01 Nov 06

I've posted this link before but click here to solve your AMD X2 problems. Worked for me.
Just follow the first post. The rest of it is very long and consists of moans by people who haven't read the first post properly.

  ashdav 00:43 01 Nov 06

oh and if you'rer using a ATI graphics card click here

  Totally-braindead 14:40 01 Nov 06

Thank you for that gudgulf perhaps its just as well that I couldn't afford a dual core processor when I was building my new PC at Xmas time and had to settle for an Athlon 64 3500+.

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