Dual Channel Memory Issue on ASRock dual-vsta

  Arthur Scrimshaw 17:55 06 Nov 06

I have recently installed the ASRock 775 dual-vsta motherboard and Intel e6400 duo 2 processor.
It's running fine but despite fitting two 512mb sticks of DDR333 memory in the correct slots (the board takes DDR and DDR2 memory) when the machine boots up it tells me I'm running in single channel mode.
I've gone into the BIOS and changed the DRAM BUS selection from 'Auto' to 'Dual Channel' (options are Single, Dual & Auto) but nothing has changed.
I've also enabled the memory flexibility option which give a 'better tolerance for memory compatability' - again no change.
It does say that 'for dual channel configuration' you need to install 'the same brand, speed, size and chip type' and mine are not the same brand or chip type, but worked perfectly in dual channel mode on an ASUS A7N8X Deluxe.
Am I stuffed until I upgrade my memory?


  GaT7 21:02 06 Nov 06

I'm running two sets of memory (4x256Mb - with two differing brands & cas latencies) in dual-channel quite happily on a Gigabyte mobo.

It could be a motherboard 'brand' issue - Asrock not being a very good make compared to Asus/Gigabyte, so something lacking perhaps?

To save money, instead of upgrading all the memory, try to get a 512Mb module to match one of your existing modules. Getting it off eBay could make it cheaper too.

Or, you could leave it as single channel. The differences between single & dual is negligible for the majority of users, as this article testifies click here. Though it does say at the very end that dual channel may be the best option for optimum performance in the long run especially for gaming click here. G

  Arthur Scrimshaw 12:05 07 Nov 06

I think you are probably correct about the quality issues of the ASRock, and for £35 it's still very good for me as it has enabled me to upgrade to the latest dual core cpu while being able to use my old memory and AGP card (6600GT). The board also has a PCI-E slot as well as DDR2, so eventually I'll upgrade both of these parts and may change the motherboard in the future as well. Tried it on Half Life 2 and at 1024 x 768 on high settings it's running very smoothly.

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