Dual booting

  wednesday 13 17:30 29 May 05


I have heard about dual booting and know that it is like the compatability wizard but you just boot the windows you want, I think. I wanted to dual boot 98 and Xp, have both discs, and not sure what to do next.

Do I just install 98 on Xp machine and at start up select win 98 to dual boot or is it more complicated?

Hope you can help,

wednesday 13.

  Joe R 17:34 29 May 05

wednesday 13,

You will need at least two partitions, to put your O's on. Install windows 98 on the first partition, and then load XP from the 98 setup, installing it on the other partition.

Depending on the size of your H/D, you may want more than two partitions.

  wednesday 13 17:37 29 May 05

What do you mean by partions?

  mattyc_92 17:39 29 May 05

Partitions, not partions....

They are like "dividers" which ALL OSs reconise as another drive...

  mattyc_92 17:41 29 May 05

I use "Partition Magic 8" (click here)

It is very easy to use, and you can install Win98 without having to re-install WinXP... It also comes with "BootMagic" which is a "boot-manager", which basically gives you the list of OS's installed to select from

  wednesday 13 17:42 29 May 05

How do I access these partitions?

I spelt it right!!

  Joe R 17:43 29 May 05

wednesday 13,

this link will explain it all better than I can.

Having a 98 cd is a plus as well, as you can get the Fdisk command on boot-up.

  Joe R 17:44 29 May 05
  wednesday 13 17:45 29 May 05

Can I get someting like Partition magic for free?

  mattyc_92 17:50 29 May 05

Yes, but I can't remeber what it is called.... Do a google search or wait a while as someone on this forum might post the link to the program

It is alot harder to use than PartitionMagic though

  wednesday 13 18:01 29 May 05

I can get 7.0 to download.

Is it worth it?

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