dual boot Vista/XP?

  rickf 12 Feb 12

I am thinking of installing XP in my Vista OS laptop but a browse on how to seems pretty complicated and fraught. Have you done this and what is your experience? HAS IT WORKED WELL AFTERWARDS? Want to do this because I have a few old software progs that will only work in XP and I want to keep on using them. Thanks

  rickf 12 Feb 12


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12 Feb 12

Yes it works PK on my laptop (Toshiba)

But its harder to set up a dual boot on older system than the one already installed http://neosmart.net/wiki/display/EBCD/Installing+XP+After+Vista+or+7

  avesnes1 12 Feb 12

From what I remember about dual (or triple) booting, it is much easier to add Vista or W7 to XP than it is installing XP after Vista or W7. Try googling "dual boot XP after Vista".

The good news is, I did it and, despite my apprehension, it worked very well - just as I wanted.

The bad news is: I did it so long ago, I can't begin to remember how I did it/what I did.

But the simple answer is: yes, it can be done.

Oh, and: while avesnes1 and Fruit Bat /\0/\ may well be right, I'm 99% certain that I started with Vista and then added XP.

  rdave13 12 Feb 12

It's all here including how to install Sata drivers for XP. dual-boot

  rickf 13 Feb 12

Great will have a go when off work this wk. Thanks


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