Dual boot help?

  robbo1987 17:18 PM 22 Feb 13

Just wondering if someone can help me? I've had a dual boot setup before on my pc however I want to do it on my laptop. I've probably done it the wrong way around. But I've installed windows 7 first then later decided I want to see how XP runs. I installed XP on a separate partition and it loaded, but then when I rebooted it would only load back into XP. So I used the win 7 repair disc and managed to load back into win 7 but there's no option to go into XP now.

I've loaded boot manager in msconfig whilst on win7 and there is only one option which is for windows 7. how can I add the XP installation to the boot config?

  woodchip 17:23 PM 22 Feb 13

You have to use XP boot Manager

  woodchip 17:24 PM 22 Feb 13

When Booting does it go strait to 7?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:35 PM 22 Feb 13
  rdave13 17:43 PM 22 Feb 13

Try here.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:00 PM 22 Feb 13
  robbo1987 18:06 PM 22 Feb 13

Thanks for the replys, Sorted the problem using easyBCD.

  rdave13 18:11 PM 22 Feb 13

Glad to see the home version is still free and you're sorted. Was a time that BCD was nearly a paid for program.


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