DSO Exploit

  mick 47 23:15 24 Sep 04

Dear Colleagues

I have just installed SP 2 with no problems. However after running SpyBot Search & Destroy it has identified a program called DSO Exploit - the information states that it came from Micrsoft. After running fix all problems I cannot get rid of it. Is this something I should worry about. Any advice would be helpful.


Mick Cowan

  stalion 23:17 24 Sep 04

it is a bug in spybot nothing to worry about the latest version of spybot has fixed it

  SANTOS7 23:21 24 Sep 04

Open spybot,click settings in bottom left, click settings, under WEB UPDATE tick display available beta versions, close, click on updates this will install file definitions to detect and remove DSO,good luck

  powerless 23:25 24 Sep 04

<< Stick DSO into search.

Nothing to worry about.

  mick 47 00:11 25 Sep 04


Thank you for your advice. I have carried out what you suggested and all is now well. This is a great site with so many people willing to share thier expertise with others.


Mick Cowan

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