dsl speed up

  wolfie3000 21:11 26 Sep 05

does anyone know of a good braodband program that will speed it up some freeware im on aol 9.0 with braodband silver i just want a program to squeeze as much speed as possible?

  Graham ® 21:15 26 Sep 05

Speed is limited by your line length from the exchange, and quality of the connecting wires. Software can't alter this.

  Dipso 21:17 26 Sep 05

You could try "tweaking" with Dr TCP click here although you may be not be able to alter your MTU as AOL need it to be set at 1400 or something don't they?

  wolfie3000 21:19 26 Sep 05

my exchange is 100yards down the road i think this is pretty close as for the program i will try it cheers.

  wolfie3000 21:22 26 Sep 05

ok sorry but that program is way to hard for me to understand i want something that scans the speed then speeds it up.

  Dipso 21:33 26 Sep 05

Willing to pay £24.99 for the year?click here other than that there are ways to do what Onspeed does for free using compression but I'll have to pass you over to someone else there.

  wolfie3000 21:37 26 Sep 05

all i want to do is tweak my setting so i can grab a little more speed a program that doesnt require me to know alot about dsl and thats free.

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