Mosquitoes 09:17 09 Oct 04

Hi Can anybody give me some help with this Virus.
I also seem to have somthing called web rebates.
I have tried AVG it tells me its there but it doesn't seem able to remove it I have also tried Asquared and its still here I have also turned off System Restore and tried it, A mate said it could be hiding in it and reloads when I power up.

  Nipsen 2 10:28 09 Oct 04

Hi mosquitos, A friend of mine had this on pc last wednesday we got rid of it using a program called "CW shredder" which you can download from click here I dont take credit for this, I found it on a previous thread on "PCA" forum could have been Stallion or Richard the lionheart. "good Luck"

  Mosquitoes 11:08 09 Oct 04

Thanks Nipsen 2, I will give it a try.

  Mosquitoes 17:29 09 Oct 04

Nope sorry dropper delf still around tried with system resore on and off.
any other advice?

  Nipsen 2 19:35 09 Oct 04

Mosquitos try contacting Nellie2 on this forum Maybe she could advise you about a program called "highjackthis" or other programs that could help. Sorry cwshredder did not work for you my friend,s p.c had win 98 second edition on it and the trojan was 'Dropper.delf' 3.F.L. I believe there are a lot of variants of this virus. Goood luck.

  canard 19:50 09 Oct 04

Either or both Adaware and Spybot look for Dropper so expect whichever it is can remove your pest.

  rdave13 20:15 09 Oct 04

Whatever I had as a virus made me reload my comp to factory settings!Firewall,antivirus;antispyware-whatever failed!Now everything's a1. Keeping an open mind what to download infuture.

  Nipsen 2 10:42 10 Oct 04

Hi Mosquitoes, if you still have the virus, it might be worthwhile checking this thread out :
browser hijack e-finder.cc
nellie2 is involved. Cheers nipsen

  Mosquitoes 14:41 10 Oct 04

I brought noadware on the net this mornig it seems to have removed it
Thanks again for all the advice .

  canard 19:34 10 Oct 04

You may regret the noadware. click here

  VoG II 20:37 10 Oct 04

I agree click here

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