Dropped/dead slow Internet connection

  fsssh 01:15 14 Jan 03
  fsssh 01:15 14 Jan 03

i have a 56k modem using freeserve anytime as my ISP. downloading small files like .doc attachments of 100k or so is ok but i tried to get avg antivirus (5mb) and the transfer speed is only around 4kb/sec. shouldnt it be a lot faster than this? my connection also keeps dropping - v. annoying when i have spent 20 mins trying to download something. its not the isp cutting me off as this very rarely happens even after being online after 2 hours. Can anyone help? what port speed settings should i use if this is the problem?

  powerless 05:25 14 Jan 03

4kb/sec is good.

click here for a speedtest, run it a few times...

You might also consider click here it helps with the larger file downloads so if you do get disconnected you simply reconnect and the download will resume. So you dont have to start again.

  phatjayunoi 09:57 14 Jan 03

4 kb/sec is basically normal for a 56kbps modem.

  Giggle n' Bits 12:19 14 Jan 03

this is your problem, and you will need to call BT to cancel the automated 1571 servce.

  fsssh 12:52 14 Jan 03

how does this affect it? i generally use the internet late at night (23:00 onwards) so wouldnt imagine that i wold be getting that meny calls to affect it. and surely it would only affect the dial up ie the message waiting tone may not be recognised as a dial tone.

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