Dropped WD MyBook hard drive - now won't work!

  Andrew G 13:06 22 May 07

Hi guys,

Earlier, I accidentally dropped my Western Digital MyBook external hard drive, not from a great height, but enough to what seems to of damaged it.

I plugged it into the laptop and normally it will index and load up in My Computer, but now it seems to load up and just sit in it's idle state and do nothing :( Not looking good!

I'm looking into data recovery at the moment to try and get back all my work. Anyone else had this problem? Any help in getting the drive functioning would be greatly appreciated.


  Technotiger 13:14 22 May 07

Hi, don't know whether this will help, but worth a read.

click here

  Technotiger 13:17 22 May 07

This may help ...

click here

  Technotiger 13:20 22 May 07

And finally, courtesy of Google ...

click here

Good luck.

  Andrew G 13:23 22 May 07

Thanks for the responses. Will any of these work though if the hard drive won't even load up and be shown in windows?


  Technotiger 13:39 22 May 07

Hmm, you did say "but now it seems to load up and just sit in it's idle state and do nothing", I assumed from that, that you could see the drive.

You might be able to add it as a slave drive on another pc, and perhaps access it that way.

or -

If in fact you cannot 'see' the drive I am afraid it would probably need to be taken to a repair shop - very expensive though!

  Andrew G 13:48 22 May 07

It loads, as in, the drive starts fine, lights on the front work fine, then it sites in it's like idle mode.

However, recent development, I left it connected for 10mins and came back to see the "Safely remove hardware" icon appear and it's showing a "mass usb device" attached - so a good sign.

It's also visible in My Computer now. So perhaps it's accessing it but very slowly?

I've doubled clicked the drive in My Computer, so will leave that a few minutes and see if anything loads up.

  Technotiger 13:52 22 May 07

Yes, it is looking good, so if you have you got enough room on your internal drive to save your important stuff, then that should be first priority.

  Andrew G 14:05 22 May 07

Yea I will do, if fingers crossed it will load.

Getting "error loading inpage operation" at the moment. Will keep trying though!

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