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  alix123 20 Feb 08


I am a driver in California. My traffic records shows the violation but I don't received the notification of the violation.
Now how can I clear this violation?

Does driving schools like California Traffic School can help me in this?
California Traffic School
Plz suggest me and help me as much you can.


  Forum Editor 20 Feb 08

By paying the ticket.

If you are guilty of the violation you must pay.
This isn't really a valid subject for a Business forum, but we'll try to help if you provide more information.

What was the violation?

  Chris the Ancient 21 Feb 08

I have popped in and out today, and I have noticed this thread.

For the life of me, I am finding the language and syntax difficult to follow - but I accept the originator may have English as a second language.

The purpose of the thread is less than clear. Why should a business page in a forum with a .co.uk suffix be the grounds for asking about a traffic violation in California? And why, on earth, would someone in the uk know anything about 'driving schools like California Traffic School'?

Serves me right, I suppose! As some people in he forum may know, driving schools and associated training are my job... and guess who got suckered by the thread title?


  Forum Editor 22 Feb 08

We have a truly global audience, and there are registered members here from pretty well every country on the planet.

Sometimes people don't realise where a site is based.

  MAT ALAN 04 Mar 08

click here

might help...

  Chris the Ancient 04 Mar 08

Interesting link. They seem to have the same attitude as some counties in the UK where some speeders are offered the chance of a remedial course rather than points and a fixed penalty.

Now, I wonder, why did alix123 come to this forum? I suspect he blitzed as many forums as possible and this was just one of them.

  MAT ALAN 04 Mar 08

why did alix123 come to this forum?

Cos we are the best!!! nuff said.....


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