Drives dont read.

  Cretin07 21:28 10 Nov 03

Hi one day i built a pc and it has two drives dvd rom and dvd rw. running windows xp. at first it ran pretty well auto run worked too. but later about a day later, one drive was not accessiblke by a particular user and another drive wasnt reading the data, so i logged in as admin and it worked. but then i double clicked on dvd rw and it didnt show nothing so i went to dvd rom 'not accessible' bearing in mind this is a admin account. Reboot pc and it all works. next time, the icon on the drives wont change and auto run doesnt work, the icons should change to the name or label of cd right? but no it doesnt do anything like that. but the data reads perfectly fine. what the hells wrong with it.

  woodchip 21:37 10 Nov 03

Another XP bug

  A_World_Maker 21:39 10 Nov 03

Are both drives using the Microsoft drivers? The same version and date?

If so, try loading only one driver software for one of the drives, leave Microsoft to control the other. *fingers crossed*

  Cretin07 21:56 10 Nov 03

sorry not an expert with pcs. can you tell me how to load one driver?

  Cretin07 21:58 10 Nov 03

btw the drivers just installed itself, as it didnt come with a drivers disk.

  woodchip 22:05 10 Nov 03

CD and DVD do not need drivers loading other than Software like NERO etc

  A_World_Maker 22:10 10 Nov 03

For the most part this is true, but I found my Asus CD-RW would only be registered as a CD-ROM untill I installed the CD_Easy creator software and updated the fireware, then XP saw it as a CD-RW. The same applies to some HP products.

I always visit the hardware manufacturers website and install any drivers they offer.

  woodchip 22:14 10 Nov 03

That's what I said if you look, that's what the etc is all about

  A_World_Maker 22:43 10 Nov 03

I did look..... windowsXP has its own feeble burning software, but the OS still gets it wrong sometimes when addressing certain CD-RW's and sees them as CD-Roms. In my own personal experience, loading manufactures supplied software and searching for 'drivers' corrects these problems, that is what I was advising Cretin07, as he appears to be getting no where.

  Cretin07 11:28 11 Nov 03

i am getting no where. installed all the softeware but some say it is bug in xp. so whats the cure.

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