Drivers for speedtouch modem, XP

  Blubottle 12:24 20 Dec 08

Does anyone know what version drivers are needed for a Thompson Speedtouch ST330 USB modem to work with XP home are?
I have installed ver 301.0.012 but although hardware manager informs me that the modem is working correctly I cannot get it to connect with my BB ISP error "0678" every time, both green lights are on and constant, and I have checked with ISP tech that all is setup properly but still no joy.

clutching at straws now and pulling hair out.

  MAJ 12:31 20 Dec 08

Who is your ISP?

  Blubottle 14:08 20 Dec 08

ISP is plusnet.

  toxin 16:21 20 Dec 08

301.0.012 is the latest driver for this modem.
Click on the "Connection" tab and toggle the status monitor, see how far it gets and what is causing the error.

  Daveboy 18:42 20 Dec 08

what are your settings ? user name-password-tele no-0,38 are the norm.

  Stuartli 20:45 20 Dec 08

The "telephone" number referred to by Daveboy is typed as:


These are the VNI and VPI for the UK.

  MAJ 21:00 20 Dec 08

Try this fix from Tiscali. click here

  bluto1 21:49 20 Dec 08

I've the same set up as Blubottle, XP home, Plusnet and Thompson 330 modem. Direct me and I'll copy my settings here. That always assumes the problem has not been sorted.

  Blubottle 12:19 21 Dec 08

Many thanks one and all.
to give you all a better understanding I have created a dual boot with each O/S on it's own drive. win 2k and XP home using a boot manager to select. My primary O/S being win 2k which I use successfully with BB and the st 330 modem, now I have added XP on the second drive I copied all the settings over from the primary and set up the connection, but it will not connect "error 0678" as described above.

  Blubottle 10:45 24 Dec 08

thanks for the offer, yes please.

  lodger 10:56 24 Dec 08

I used to have endless modem problems till i simply installed an ethernet modem......or i should say, it installed itself.........since then, ive evn setup a wireless network for my kids...........heeeeeee lodger the IT expert? no, the ethernet does it all without help from the panicky old lodger :)

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