Drivers requied ?

  dkuk2000 22:23 29 Jun 03

I've just be given a pc (less the hdd)so i fitted my hdd (os win me).
As it booted up,detected and installed what it had to apart from the following
speed win SEDLBAUER AG
what are these things and where can i get the drivers?
Please help

  PSF 22:27 29 Jun 03

click here

Have a look at this site it appears to be your modem.

  dkuk2000 22:35 29 Jun 03

So if i install the driver for the modem will this fix all the above problems ?

  PSF 22:41 29 Jun 03

It should if it is the same modem. It might be an idea to have a look inside first to check what the modem is.
If you remove the modem and re-boot and the message does not appear it is defiantly the modem.

Also you can try running AIDE32 to check and see what is installed in your pc click here download the personal version.

  Bodi 10:12 30 Jun 03

I have a yellow question mark 'Other Devices' and an exclaimation mark next to 'PCI Multi Media Device". Try as a I may, I cannot get rid of this.

It only turned up when I installed the Creative 5.1 Platinum Card with 'Live Drive'. I've hunted through the Creative installation CD, removed the device from Device Manager, removed the drivers for the sound card and reinstalled them. It's still there.

Yours may well refer to the same card.

I've disabled the onboard sound etc.


  PSF 13:05 30 Jun 03

Do you have a modem in your pc. The exclamation mark might be for the audio drivers for the modem. Some modem have separate drivers for voice messages, my old one did.

The sound card might have overwritten them.

  Bodi 13:24 30 Jun 03

PSF: I went through the BIOS again, and although I had disabled the onboard sound, there was another device I had not disabled - guess what 'PCI Multi Media Device'.

dkuk2000: Sorry sounds like I hijacked your thread - didn't mean to. You could have onboard sound on your motherboard and this could refer to 'PCI Multi Media Device' & maybe your PCI input controller another card on your machine. I don't know what SEDLBAUER AG - couldn't be an onboard graphics controller could it?

If these all refer to onboard controllers you will need the motherboard CD, which should have all these drivers on it.

Hope this is of some help,


  callingman 13:55 30 Jun 03

If these devices are 'onboard' the motherboard, try to find some ref No on the motherboard and do a searcg via Google or similar. I've tracked down a number of mb drivers this way. Also if stuff appears under 'Other Devices', once you have the drivers, delete them from 'other devices, re-boot and the system should find them via PNP. It wont if they appear in 'other devices' even if they are marked with exclaimation mark.

  Bodi 14:55 30 Jun 03

This could refer to your modem=SEDLBAUER AG

Website here:

click here

Don't know if it will help


  Bodi 14:57 30 Jun 03

I'm so sorry - methinks I should read the threads more carefully. You had already got there. My mind is away on holiday again.



  PSF 15:41 30 Jun 03

No problem, it is a strange name, they are a German company.

dkuk2000 Have you run the AIDA32 program yet, it will tell you the make of your motherboard and what else is fitted to it. It could even be an on-board modem.

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