Drivers for Creative Labs Inspire 5300

  Old Un 19:43 08 Sep 11

I need drivers for my Creative Labs 5:1 Inspire 5300 sound system. They appear to be no longer available from as this is a very old model. Can anyone please help me?

  100andthirty 20:58 08 Sep 11

Unless these are USB speakers, there's no such thing as a driver for speakers. You might need to search the web for instructions as to how to set up the speakers, or even look up the instructions for your sound card.

What is the problem you're trying to solve?

  northumbria61 21:02 08 Sep 11

Try downloading the Creative Driver Installer and let it search enter link description here I can't guarantee it will find what you are looking for but worth a try.

  Old Un 21:14 08 Sep 11

100andthirty, Thank you for your reply. I cannot get 2 of the 4 speakers to work. I have used them for at least 10 years but since changing my PC (Windows 7 HP)only 2 are working. The sound system was supplied with my Gateway computer and did have a disc to install it. I have since misplaced the installation CD. The sound system does not have a USB connector but plugs in with 3 small plugs: Light green, Pink and Black. I have spent several days searching for help on line and even Creative Labs doesn't reccognise my model as it is so old.

  northumbria61 21:19 08 Sep 11

Try going to Control Panel - Sound - select your Speakers - Configure button - make changes and see if that helps.

  Woolwell 21:20 08 Sep 11

Enter your sound properties and configuration and check whether it is set up for 5.1 and not 2 speakers.

  Old Un 21:37 08 Sep 11

I only have stereo speakers listed. there is no mention of 5:1.

  northumbria61 22:04 08 Sep 11

Go to Control Panel - Sound - select your Speakers - Properties - Levels Tab - Balance - Check and change levels ie L-R-C etc. click OK

  Old Un 07:13 09 Sep 11

northumbria61, Thank you! I have tried that but I have only L and R with no C. I have also tried to add another device but Windows freezes every time it tries to search for devices that need to be added and I get no further. I really need the original CD to install the sound system properly.

  northumbria61 07:49 09 Sep 11

At the very least you have still got sound working although not all of your speakers. You have had a good 10 years out of them and it really looks as if you are missing that CD setup. You can do one of 2 things -

  1. Treat yourself to a new set of speakers


  1. Anybody out there with the same setup (or even similar to try) can supply OLD UN with a setup disc ??
  Woolwell 08:41 09 Sep 11

I haven't ever needed drivers for speakers. However the onboard sound or sound card does require drivers and it has to be configured to output to more than 2 speakers. Is this new system a desktop or laptop and which HP model? It may well have Realtech sound and the sound can be configured through it's controls usually found through the system's control panel.

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