Driver for windows 98 second edition

  nicole_l 15:32 27 Jul 06

My friend has a computer as old as herself and is asking ME for help! lol

She's trying to get connected to internet but is getting the message she has no driver. The message is asking her to insert her start up disk (being old and forgetfull) she doesnt know where it is!

Is it possible to add the driver she needs without the start up disk?

  FelixTCat 15:35 27 Jul 06


Does she know which driver it is that is missing? Ethernet card? Modem?

Windows will normally tell you what is missing and you can then Google for it on the net.



  Marsh Warden © ™ 15:36 27 Jul 06

"Is it possible to add the driver she needs without the start up disk?"

Yes, but we will need to know the make and model of her modem. Look in Device Manager, it should have a yellow exclamation mark next to it indicating it's missing a driver.

  nicole_l 15:43 27 Jul 06

in work just now but have some stuff wrote down for me to work on.
It's saying location for driver C:/windows/inf/usb.inf

  nicole_l 15:53 27 Jul 06

will it not be a standard ntl modem?

  nicole_l 15:54 27 Jul 06

i think its the modem driver thats missing by the sound of it. She says she's got a usb connection????

  nicole_l 16:04 27 Jul 06

nope now she's saying they put a card into her computer so i'm guessing that was the ethernet card!¬

  nicole_l 16:18 27 Jul 06

it's some driver that's on the windows disk????

  nicole_l 16:18 27 Jul 06


  Wak 16:34 27 Jul 06

Hi, I have Win 98SE and can send you the usb.inf file if you wish to contact me via the yellow envelope next to my name.
It is a 25KB Setup Information file.

  nicole_l 16:45 27 Jul 06

Wak your a wee gem as wee say here in scotland!

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