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  ehsman 15:02 25 Jun 08

Does anyone have any experience of using driver detecting and supply websites? I am seeking drivers for an older soundcard and the manufacturer no longer lists them. I have found driveragent, driver detective, drivermagic and others but I have no idea if these are reliable. Does anyone have any experience they are willing to share?
Many Thanks

  crosstrainer 15:25 25 Jun 08

Personally, I don't use or trust any of them...What's the exact make and model of the soundcard?

  Stuartli 15:28 25 Jun 08

DriverGuide is usually reliable or you can do a Google search for the make and model of your sound card, which will bring up a number of download websites.

  ehsman 15:55 25 Jun 08

The card is a Chaintech VT1720/4 Envy 24PT PCI multichannel controller. It is an add-on to a Chaintech Zenith motherboard.
I tried a Google but without much success I am afraid

  crosstrainer 16:04 25 Jun 08

Select the exact model of your motherboard from the link, and download the entire mobo driver package for your o/s. This will install the sound drivers for you if the sound is onboard.

If a seperate card, then browse the site...They are there.

click here

  Stuartli 16:08 25 Jun 08
  Stuartli 16:09 25 Jun 08

It appears to be a PCI sound card.

  Stuartli 16:09 25 Jun 08

It appears to be a PCI sound card.

  crosstrainer 16:14 25 Jun 08

We are on the right track, your link has the right info, but sends you to the via arena (back where we started)

Must be a driver for it somewhere.

  crosstrainer 16:19 25 Jun 08

To be non existent. Maybe somone else has a CD with the drivers for this soundcard? Chaintech VT1720/4 Envy 24PT

Perhaps they could copy it for you?

  ehsman 16:58 25 Jun 08

It is a PCI sound card but as you say the via website seems to go in circles

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