Driver Update. ??????

  Green 1 02:44 07 May 03

Please can anybody tell me wether or not I should update my printer drivers, I`m not having any trouble at the moment but on the Epson page for the C62 printer it tells me that I need to update, Now do I update or leave well alone and not fix if it aint broke, your advice is welcome. OS=W98, CPU=450Mhz P3, 256Ram. many thanks for any replies I may receive.

  Derek 06:27 07 May 03

Strongly suggest that you leave well alone. Many drivers do a slight enhancement but you probably would not notice any difference in speed. Needless to say, and I'm sure you realise this, it will not make a printed article look any better usually.
Best of luck.

  -pops- 06:42 07 May 03

If you are happy with the way it works, leave well alone. Make a mental note though that new drivers are available - just in case for the future.


  Andsome 08:20 07 May 03

If it ain't broke-------------

  Green 1 01:12 08 May 03

Many thanks for the replies, I shall stick with what I`ve got and do as recomended, It`s realy crap being no good at comp`s. Thank you.

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