Driver Update ?

  Robotic_Rob 19:45 19 Jan 05

Hey, I cant remember the last time i have upgraded drivers for my hardware. Which cant be a good sign. Does anyone know of a program that searchs through your drivers and tells you which have updates? Or even a website that does the same.



  Jackcoms 19:49 19 Jan 05

Are you having problems with your hardware? Is it broken? Is it not working correctly?

If the answers are no, why do you need to update the drivers?

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

  Robotic_Rob 19:52 19 Jan 05

Because newer drivers can make the hardware work more efficiently, cant they? Or why would they make updates for the drivers.

  Modo 19:56 19 Jan 05 (odd registration process) (costs)

But Windows Update will usually give you anything really crucial.

I mostly agree with Jackcoms - but sometimes you get serious improvements in performance.

Downside is flabware like Logitech, who'll give you 5Mb + to update your mouse drivers - as if it wasn't fine in the first place. You'll then spend hours clearing the crap out of start menu and services.

  Technotiger 20:05 19 Jan 05

Hi, I reckon a normal check for Windows Updates is all that is required - if your drivers NEED updating, windows will tell you.


  Robotic_Rob 20:17 19 Jan 05

That microsoft update wont kill a slightly dodgy copy of Xp will it?

  Technotiger 20:19 19 Jan 05

Don't think so.

  Graham ® 20:21 19 Jan 05


  Robotic_Rob 20:24 19 Jan 05

Because i have updated until they changed the site i think. But i didnt trust the new site, so i havnt bothered to.

  Technotiger 20:27 19 Jan 05

Thanks - I was only guessing - have now added to my personal Knowledge Base.


  freaky 21:44 19 Jan 05

Windows Update Drivers only shows the ones that they have approved. A software/hardware company has to submit them for approval.

Not a lot bother possibly because they have to pay Microsoft!

Therefore the updates shown by Microsoft are rather ancient.

A classic is Nvidia Graphic Card Drivers, they update these regularly but Micrsoft Updates shows ancient versions.

It is well worth your time to visit your Hardware sights, look for updates since you bought your computer, and download them.

Make sure that you select Updates applicable to your Operating System though.

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