Driver for unknown hardware

  twolf 10:04 11 Jan 08


I recently had a problem on my PC and had to reinstall Vista. After re-installing I keep getting a message that the PC has found new hardware and can't locate the driver. I have unplugged all devices. If I go into device manager I can see an icon that says 'unknown device' but i can't see a way of actually finding out what it is. If I boot into XP (I have 2nd hard drive running XP) then all is fine and I don't get the message.

Can anyone tell me how to find out what the device is or how to rectify the problem?

Thanks a lot!

  rawprawn 10:07 11 Jan 08

If you right click on it in Device Manager, do you get any options?

  twolf 10:50 11 Jan 08

I haven't got the PC in front of me at the moment, but from what I can remember I get the options: 'install driver' 'uninstall driver' and I think I got 'properties' or something similar which gave me some info but it meant nothing to me, the info was a series of numbers, like xx0330100

  brundle 11:05 11 Jan 08

Go into the afore-mentioned properties page, look for Vendor and Device ID numbers, post back with the relevant info.

  twolf 11:19 11 Jan 08

Under 'properties', 'details' it says

If I go to 'properties', 'resources' it says
I\o Range: 0330 - 0331
IRQ: 0x00000005 (05)

Under 'properties', 'General' it says that the location is PCI standard ISA bridge
Device status is: This device is not configured correctly (code 1)

Thanks for your help on this

  octal 11:24 11 Jan 08

That sounds like motherboard driver, can you give details of your machine.

  twolf 12:02 11 Jan 08

I've just tried reinstalling the driver cd that came with the PC too.

The PC is an AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual Core 4800 with 2 gig of ram

  brundle 13:56 11 Jan 08

Could be to do with IRQ steering, or MIDI output - access the machine BIOS and disable any MIDI output options (probably under the heading Integrated Peripherals).

  twolf 14:39 11 Jan 08

Thanks for the advice guys, you're really helpful.

I disabled midi port in my bios and the messasge has now gone. Why would this have happened though? Im guessing it's software related as it happened after I reinstalled Vista. Can I/should I do anything to rectify it?

  brundle 14:47 11 Jan 08

If you don't need MIDI output, forget it.
The original Vista install may have been set up so that MIDI output was disabled by software instead.

  twolf 09:58 13 Jan 08

Thanks guys for the advice, this is the most helpful forum I've been on! My main machine is an Apple Mac and I can usually sort most things out myself, but I'm not as clued up when it comes to the PC so thanks again for your time!!

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