driver for proxima ultralight sv1

  bert52a 20:31 27 Sep 05

Does anybody know ehere I can find a driver for this projector.I had it installed but it's disappeared twice and now I can't find the cd to reinstall
driver for proxima ultralight sv1
windows xp

  bremner 20:44 27 Sep 05

I can not find any info that suggests it needs drivers.

Here is the FAQ for the projector click here

  Totally-braindead 20:48 27 Sep 05

I would contact Proxima at their website that bremner has given you a link to if it turns out it does need drivers because I can't find any drivers listed for it either so I assume it uses generic Windows drivers which will either be on your computer or will be on the Windows disk.

  bert52a 21:25 27 Sep 05

Thanks but how do i get the generic windows driver or where do i look on my computer

  bert52a 08:58 28 Sep 05

I've checked that I have all the windows updates and they're all up to date.Instead of this approach I tried connecting my laptop to a monitor and that doesn't work.So now I'm thinking it could be either the function button that isn't working or the actual serial(not sure if that's the right word) connection at the back of my laptop.
Last year I started to have similar problems-Icouldnt connect projector,monitor or digital camera(usb).The technician told me he had reinstalled the drivers to fix it.Things worked for a while and then the system crashed and the computer wouldn't respond-just a black screen- the computer was sent back to Dell and they said it needed a new motherboard.Fortunately it was still under guarantee so we didn't have to pay but
I'm starting to wonder if the same things starting to happen again.But is this likely when a new motherboard was fitted?

  bert52a 10:07 28 Sep 05

Well, I've learned a lesson today.
I had alook in the dell support centre and it says you must turn of power before connectingmonitors,projectors etc to laptop.I did this and hey,Presto everything works.
So two technicians(at work) gave me the wrong advice.
However, when I had an Acer Travelmate computer I used to just plug in the projector to the switched on laptop and it worked.
Is it possible that inserting the cable when the laptop was on could have damaged the mother board.I don't think I had the projector switched on before I inserted the svga but it's a possibility!

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