Driver for Epson stylus COLOR 600

  Rockstone 15:40 13 Feb 09

Some time ago I asked for help for this printer inasmuch that moving to XP prevented me from having a dpi of 1440. I was informed that an alternative Epson driver would do the trick. In moving to a new computer and XP I regret that I have lost the information. I don't know how far back your records go but have been unable to retrieve. Appreciate your help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:48 13 Feb 09
  Rockstone 16:27 13 Feb 09

However,now I have downloaded the driver and put it in the driver file under My Documents, would you tell me the procedure for getting it to be recognised? TIA

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:19 13 Feb 09

Got to device manager click on the printer select update driver and point the windows to where you saved the file to.

  MAJ 17:43 13 Feb 09

I think that's a Mac driver, it's a Mac file at least. The 600 will work with XP's builtin drivers, but, as you have found, not with all functionality. You might be able to restore the function you require with an XP driver from a newer printer in the range, but it's not guaranteed. click here

  woodchip 18:04 13 Feb 09

Just checked Epson UK its long past its sell by date, you need a new printer. They are that cheap its ardley worth downloading drivers

  Rockstone 09:57 14 Feb 09

Appreciate your comments. To woodchip: I have had such wonderful service from this Epson and if it works, why change it? My only reason for change at this stage would be to go for an A2 printer because of my interest in graphics.

  woodchip 18:27 14 Feb 09

Ink Jets have evolved that much and come down in cost that its not worth running a Old Printer. As newer one are far Superior in print quality and speed

  Pamy 18:34 14 Feb 09

Rockstone, just use the XP driver ESP/2

  Pamy 18:36 14 Feb 09

sorry it's ESC/p2

  Rockstone 10:29 17 Feb 09

As above. Yuor comments are appreciated

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