123joey123 14:31 16 Nov 07

I need some advice urgently. I have lost the sound driver and I think it is called unimodem half duplex. I have tried to find a download but all I can find is people asking for help with the same driver.
Any knowledgeable soul can help?

  johnnyrocker 14:37 16 Nov 07

try running click here which will give you your sound card then go to their website and get new ones or if xp uninstall in device manager and re boot leaving it to find it's own way.


  MAJ 14:40 16 Nov 07

Or if it's an onboard sound chip, check out the motherboard manufacturer's website for sound drivers for your particular motherboard. Belarc, as linked to by johnnyrocker, will also let you know the name and model of your motherboard.

  123joey123 14:59 16 Nov 07

We've tried running Belarc which gave us the name unimodem half duplex but can't find a download for it. I'll get the name of the motherboard and see if it can be done that way
Thanks folks

  johnnyrocker 15:05 16 Nov 07

i think you are at cross purposes between a modem and audio card?
click here=


  123joey123 15:18 16 Nov 07

I don't think so. If you look at google you'll see quite a few folk asking for the unimodem half duplex sound card.

  mymate 15:20 16 Nov 07

Have you tried doing system restore ?

  123joey123 15:43 16 Nov 07

Yes.It's too late for restore.Thanks

  johnnyrocker 16:38 16 Nov 07

try this one

click here=


  123joey123 09:43 17 Nov 07

Thanks Johnnyrocker. I've left a message on their board.

  Sheik Yerbouti 09:47 17 Nov 07

Does Windows update pick this up... under hardware updates ?

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