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  Kev 09:48 18 Jan 03
  Kev 09:48 18 Jan 03

A PC running Win 98 has two drives (C & D....master & slave).

The PC won't boot because it can't see the C drive ie, the bios doesn't detect it, even on auto-detect.

Swap the drives over (master to slave, slave to master), install Win98 and the pc boots ok. Not only that but it now sees the other drive.

Any idea why it can see the drive as a slave but not as a master? (Jumpers are in correct position/s when trying diff set-ups).

Another thing....occasionally when the PC is booted it emmits a series of long repeated beeps and doesn't do anything. If the re-boot button is pressed it boots normaly (if "bootable" drive is "master").

  Lozzy 09:50 18 Jan 03

When you scan the C HDD do you get any Bad Clusters?? As it sounds to me there is and the HDD may need replacing.. Back up your data so you don't loose anything important.. Be safe

  Rtus 10:06 18 Jan 03

This can be due to the hard drive combination ( 2 different manufacters ) Could you try setting one up a master on its own and boot with that a few times .. then try the other again on its own .. also ensure the bios setting is set to boot from IDE0 (as on most boards this is the first position ) but it could equally be IDE1. but check to see if there is an IDE0..scroll trough all settings.. you could try setting the hard drives on different IDE cables this may solve the problems.....

  Rtus 10:07 18 Jan 03

trough ............ wheres me spell checker gone to sleep.. h = through .

  redshift300 14:47 18 Jan 03

Try setting the one you want to boot from as master without any jumpers installed, set the other one to slave. I have found this to work on more than one occasion. Due to different makes of HDD.

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