Drive will not read cd

  Gandy 11:52 21 Dec 03

Whilst building a new PC, my Mirror DVD+RW drive was used to install XP Home and the motherboard drivers, but when I tried to load drivers for the graphics card, the drive refused to 'see' the cd.
The cd's ok as it works in my other computers.
Any comments?

  Stuartli 13:01 21 Dec 03

One possibility is that the drive's CD laser has given up the ghost.

Will it play audio CDs or any other CD?

  duckers 13:23 21 Dec 03

Just a suggestion.... .
There are often issues with CD and DVD drives not reading copy protected CD's but your gfx driver CD shouldnt be protected so I have no idea.. My advuce would be to test a lot of other CD's in the mirror drive and if it doesnt work with a small percentage of them that play in all other drives you may have a problem, the drive must be stil under warranty as it sounds quite new, and if it is see about an exchange or a fix.
Get the graphics card drivers from the manufactureres or chipsets web site, if its ATI or Nvidia this should be no trouble, but I am assuming youve already done or something similar this as your able to message this forum.

  Gandy 23:51 21 Dec 03

Thanks Stuartli and Duckers. Every disk I've tried in the errant drive (data, music, movie) has played OK, so there doesn,t appear to be a problem with the drive...yet the ATI driver disc won't play in it, yet it does in my drives on my other computer (cd-rom; cd-rw-dvd).
I can't see ther being a copyright problem as the drivers in question are freely available on the web.
Thus, I'm left with the enigma of a drive/cd combination that just doesn't work.
Although it's not a problem, it's something to which I'd love to know the reason why?

  Stuartli 09:50 22 Dec 03

The words "won't play in it" are a bit puzzling..:-)

Have you (obviously perhaps) tried opening the disk from My Computer?

I find with XP that a separate line is listed for the contents of a disk after first clicking/opening C and then D.

Clicking then on the new line lists the contents in the main window where you should find a .exe or install link.

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