drive shows as unformatted

  yabadabado 12:39 24 Mar 06

I have a 60 gig, 80 gig, 120 gig 200 gig and 250 gig hard disk and 1 dvd rom, 1 dvd+rw and a cd-rw drives attached to my pc.

Pc been running, downloading being used for 5-6 days without restart, and today i finished what i was doing so finally restarted it.

When the system did reboot- i cant see my d: ( 200 gig disk) on my computer, and disk manager shows it as unallocated, uninitiallized and unknown.

How can i get the use of this disk back without having to recover etc?

its the second time its happened on this computer, but on a diff disk! last time i thought it mite be usb realted, but this time its connected directly into ide.



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:24 24 Mar 06

Unallocated disk space in Fdisk or Disk Management.

Partition tables were corrupted, or one or more partitions were removed by Fdisk.

1. recover partitions 'in place' by rebuilding the partition table(s) using DiskPatch,click here

2. salvage data from the deleted or lost partitions and copy it to another drive using iRecover.

  Pineman100 16:46 24 Mar 06

What make is the drive? If it's Maxtor, they have a useful download called Maxblast4 that should solve the problem.

click here

  yabadabado 17:47 24 Mar 06

Just got a demo version of disk patch and found the partition as it should be... just got a serial so will hopefully recover it. it is a maxtor drive (again) will check out maxblast 4 if diskpatch dnt work.. whats the function to use in maxblast?

  yabadabado 22:08 24 Mar 06

tried disk patch- seems to say it works but i still cant see it in windows...
also noticed when its booting the soft it comes with up with an error when testing that perticular drive...
Is there something i need to do through windows?
or is there somethn i have to do using diskpatch? ( other then repair and then activate)

Am running ontrack to see if it will work now in advanced mode ( dnt want to take off raw data as i need file structure intact if poss..)

and im gettin maxblast4...

Any help with diskpatch?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:01 24 Mar 06

click here link at bottom of page

  yabadabado 23:04 24 Mar 06

After a very long day of bricks being pushed out of a very small hole in my backside, ive somehow managed to get the drive back along with the only copy of my dissertation. (now copied to all 5 hard disks in my system, a dvd-rw, gmail and hotmail account to be on the safe side).

This is what i did:
USed diskpatch to repair teh drive. rebooted and didnt see a diff.

Used diskpatch again and repaired the drive. rebooted and again didnt see a diff.

Used diskpatch again and activated drive.

Rebooted, didnt see a diff.

Downloaded maxblast4 for dos ( run from floppy)

Ran it, looked at all the options, but DID NOT actually do anything to the drive.

Shut down the pc completly in fustration.

Turned it back on a min or so later and its there

Rubbed my eyes a couple of times.

Made copy onto every other disk (always seems that the most important disk has problems...) buring as i type and gonna upload my docs folder to gmail tonight.
Funny thing is i though it would be safer to move my docs folder to another disk other then the OS disk just in case somethin happens to OS disk...

Lesson learnt... now is there any good recommended software that will automaticly update contents of a folder- ie update my backups when i add/change a file in my main docs folder?

  terryf 00:05 25 Mar 06

As I have said elsewhere on this forum, only put os and progs on c drive, data on D drive and use acronis to back each up on to another drive

  terryf 00:08 25 Mar 06

PS Acronis will allow scheduled backups so that you can automate backups, so you don't need to remember to run them

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