Drive re-Allocation

  wee eddie 12:21 27 Nov 04

I use a ZIP USB Drive (100Mg) to keep copies of my work

My old IBM Aptiva came to the end of its life and a local business built me a replacement into a MiniQ Case - Intel Celeron 2600, XP Home, 512Mg RAM. Apparently it has a Linux Partition that allows it to operate without Windows. No use to me but it has so I could.

The Problem: Before I copy my file system onto a ZIP Disk, I Format it.

However, when I try to Format the Zip Disk: > Properties > Format > I get a Pop-up box which says: > “Because the disk in drive C: is your boot disk, IomegaWare will not format the disk”.

“My Computer” displays the drives as follows, when the ZIP Drive is connected. When the ZIP is disconnected, C: is unallocated.

A - 3½ Floppy
B – Unallocated, I assume that this is the hidden Linux partition.
C – Zip 100
D – DVD-RW Drive
E – Local Disk

My guess is that the Local Disk should be allocated to C: rather than E:

Then the ZIP Drive would be allocated to E: when it is plugged in, or is the problem deeper?

However I am not sure if I should change the current allocation.

I have a set of instructions as to how to do it, but have not the relevant knowledge to know whether this is the right course of action.

  Technotiger 12:26 27 Nov 04

Hi, yes Local Disk should be C, so I would say it is safe to go ahead as you have the instructions. Cheers.

  wee eddie 17:10 27 Nov 04

I have no idea why, so Changed ZIP to F:

I can now Format the ZIP Disks.

  wee eddie 10:44 29 Nov 04

Can you change a Drive's Allocation, when it is the drive you are operating at the time?

I am assuming that Windows is on the "LocalDisk" and I assume that that is why Windows will not allow me to change it's own Drive Letter Allocation.

As the ZIP Drive was allocated to "C:" I am assuming that there is nothing else on that.

If anyone can tell me, simply, how to do it. I shall. although it would only be to tidy up the system.

  wee eddie 15:50 19 Dec 04

It may not be sensible.

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