Drive not showing in my computer

  ponytail 10:20 28 Dec 12

There is a DVD writer installed in my new laptop I also have external writer which I used with my old desktop when it's writer packed up.The installed writer is letter E and the external writer should be letter F but when I go into my computer it only shows drive E why would it not show drive F

  SillBill 11:13 28 Dec 12

Maybe you need to install the external one by means of a disc (manufacturer supplied) or try to find driver online?

  hastelloy 11:16 28 Dec 12

Does it show when you put a disc in it?

  SillBill 11:18 28 Dec 12

I had similar problems with a desktop and was given the tip to completely remove the mains power supply for about 2 minutes, when you restore the mains power the comp reloads all drivers, worth a try anyway.

  ponytail 11:25 28 Dec 12

Hi marvin42 just inserted a disc into the external writer and still nothing shows up.Will try and find the software for it

  Woolwell 12:00 28 Dec 12

How is the external writer being connected? Does it have its own power supply?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:08 28 Dec 12

If its a USB device check it has enough power to it (two cables?)

Unplug and plug back in

Try another USB port

Does it work on another machine?

Remove all USB devices

Download and run USB device View

Uninstall ALL devices that are shown as not connected.

Reboot the machine.

Plug in your USB device and windows should then find new hardware and reinstall the drivers for the device.

  ponytail 12:17 28 Dec 12

Hi Guys thanks for the replies some answers to some of your questions,It has it's own power supply,It workedok when I connected it to my previous desktop,it is a USB device,

  ponytail 12:27 28 Dec 12

Hi Guys thanks for the info here are someanswers to your questions. It has its own power supply,it worked ok when it was connected to my previous desktop,It is a USB device and when you say two cables what does that mean,there are no other USB devices connected at present I have just found the software for it and am going to install it will let you know result

  ponytail 12:41 28 Dec 12

Have just installed the software and it is now showing up in my computer

  woodchip 14:40 28 Dec 12

In Device Manager, Disable the old DVD drive

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