drive lettering

  Tony 07:44 12 Dec 05

I know that I have seen the answer to this before but I can't find it.

My main sata drive letter has decided that it wants to be the last (eg J:) rather than C:

How can I reset it?

Many thanks

  rawprawn 08:07 12 Dec 05

Admin Tools/Computer Management/Disc Management/Right Click/ Change Drive Letter

  Graham ® 08:14 12 Dec 05

Has another device taken 'C'? If so, you will have to change that first, to make 'C' available.

  Tony 20:44 12 Dec 05

it says that "windows cannot change the letter of you system volume or boot volume"??

  LivEviL 20:46 12 Dec 05

thats prob coz u have summin running from thats drive or somthing downloading try quiting everything or booting up in safe mode!

  joethebow 20:59 12 Dec 05

Thanks rawprawn,

I didn't think it would be so easy, although I didn't ask the original question I used your answer to sort out my Drives.

  LivEviL 21:01 12 Dec 05

it is that easy! iv done it many a time make sure ur system isnt running anything while u do it

  Tony 10:21 15 Dec 05

it still says that "windows cannot change the letter of you system volume or boot volume"??
What am I doing wrong?

  PaulB2005 10:32 15 Dec 05

Your J Drive is your Windows drive and Windows i running.

As the message says "Windows cannot change the letter of your SYSTEM VOLUME or BOOT VOLUME". If Windows is installed to that drive you can;'t change the letter from WITHIN Windows.

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  CLONNEN 11:38 15 Dec 05

Try downloading Letter Assigner click here

  uisquebeathus 12:48 15 Dec 05

you must be logged in as an Administrator? and safer in Safe Mode to remove the chance of other software running.
the other software that can do this is PowerquestPartition Magic which is now owned by Symantec, or SwissKnife which is free from this site :-
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