Drive Image query

  carl48 11:47 13 Sep 03

Does anyone know if it is possible to transfer an image from one computer to another using Drive Image, so that the second computer doesn't have to have all the programs etc installed one by one?

  Diemmess 12:10 13 Sep 03

If Drive Image works like Ghost, which I think it does, the answer is YES.

You can copy the image file itself any way you usually do, but be aware that when you "restore" the image, restoration will destroy any pre-existing data on your target drive.

  Blitzer 12:18 13 Sep 03

Hmmm, but this would also transfer all the drivers and settings from the original machine that may not be the ones required on the second computer. i.e. would possibly lead to problems with windows not working? Fine of course if both machines have identical hardware. :)

  powerless 14:21 13 Sep 03

Blitzer has a point and the only way to know if any problems will occur is well to restore the image to another computer...

However remember the EULA?

  Qmar 14:50 13 Sep 03

image the driversand ddls from your target-pc ( collected with windriverbackup)..and combine it with the source pc's image.. windows will be able to search for them when it starts up..

DriveImage does have an image editor.
but best to copy the driverbackupfile before imaging.

  Qmar 14:52 13 Sep 03

(generally when doing a backup of you important info.. the drivers should be backedup anyway.)

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