Drive Image

  david4637 20:37 12 May 03

When you need to Restore an image (pqi file) does the action delete all the files from the drive in question, or does it just overwrite file for file?
In other words is it carrying out a format function or not? Thanks David

  MIke 20:48 12 May 03

As far as I'm aware it overwrites the data already on the disc without formatting.

  MIke 20:50 12 May 03

There is a warning when restoring that you are you are not restoring to free space and that any data on the disc will be erased

  zanwalk 21:04 12 May 03

Yes, as has been said, it does not actually format but deletes the partition and creates a new one, if you really want to be sure the partition is formatted, either do it from a start up disk or use a utility like Partition Magic.

  david4637 15:47 13 May 03

Thanks for your replies, I've got the message. David

  Simsy 18:27 13 May 03

but according to flecc, who many of you know is master of many things, but espescially Drive Image, a .pqi image can be restored to a new, unformatted HDD and then used immediately.

The implication of this, it seems to me, is that a formatting action does take place.

If you make an image from a heavily fragmented drive, when you restore that image the restored drive will be EXACTLY as it was when the image is made, with the same level of fragmetation.

I'm not sure if I've muddied the waters here or not, so apologies if I have. The relevant point, for this thread, is that all data previously on the drive is erased.



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