Drive Image 2002

  Dr Grumps 15:02 09 Jan 03
  Dr Grumps 15:02 09 Jan 03

hello. I have drive image 2002
and i want to copy my xp partition or about 8gb to a 20gb hd but when i copy it the 20gb partition chnages size to the 8gb and makes a 12 gb partition which kinda defetes the object. Anyone know how i can do it?



  €dstow 15:06 09 Jan 03

Are you using Drive Image to do this? DI always creates a partition which it calls Backup and loads a file with the extension .pqi (PowerQuest Image).

To copy your hard drive byte for byte use Drive Copy which is with Drive Image.

Or perhaps I'm misundertanding.


  Dr Grumps 15:17 09 Jan 03

Sorry, yes i am using the drive copy function within drive image !

So is there a way to do it?



  leo49 15:29 09 Jan 03

Drive Image copies bit for bit so logically it's doing it's job.

However,under Disc Operations couldn't you delete the unwanted 12gb partition and then redistribute the 'free space'to amalgamate the 20gb drive?

Regards Leo49

  Dr Grumps 15:32 09 Jan 03

well i was hoping that would be poss but how? im using xp pro



  leo49 15:39 09 Jan 03

After the Drive's been copied over,reopen DI,Click Disc operations[2nd down on the righthand side of the opening DI screen],select the unwanted partition by left clicking in it so that it's framed in purple,rightclick delete.Once that's done you can redistribute either with the wizard[see icon at bottom of Disc Ops screen] or manually.


  Dr Grumps 15:41 09 Jan 03

thanks leo49

i will give it a go and post back when done !!


  leo49 15:48 09 Jan 03

Obviously if you've got Partition Magic, it's a snap to simply delete and then resize.Good Luck.


  Dr Grumps 16:39 09 Jan 03

thanks for your help, i started to do the first thing you suggessted and then i went to reacclocate the spare space and it had allready assigned itself to that drive, i dunno wot i was doing wrong last time !

Thanks for your help


  leo49 16:42 09 Jan 03

Glad it sorted itself out anyway.


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