Drive Image

  david4637 16:27 27 Jul 03

So you have created an image of your HD on CDRs.
Say the 6GB HD goes duff, and you can not get a HD of say 6GB. The nearset is say 30GB. Is loading this saved image onto the 30GB worthwhile. In other words the PC parameters have changed, so is reloading the image still valid or not. Thanks David

  Diemmess 17:00 27 Jul 03

As I understand, - the "image" from Drive Image or Ghost relates to the size of the data on the drive that was "imaged" not the size of the drive itself.

It can be restored on to any drive which is large enough to take the image. ......... Do bear in mind that a full restoration of the image will overwrite everything on the target drive.

  Mango Grummit 18:53 27 Jul 03

As Diemmess says. It can be restored on to any drive which is large enough to take the image.

  woodchip 19:02 27 Jul 03

Yes as above

  david4637 19:42 28 Jul 03

Thanks for your replies, what I was meaning was whether the window system files etc were still relevant now that the HD is now say 30GB.
Thanks David

  Gaz 25 19:56 28 Jul 03

High compression may fit it on a disk (CD-R) and then it will just spread into your new drive, you should be Ok, I have done a 10 Gb on to a 100Gb with no problems.

  woodchip 20:33 28 Jul 03

The info will just be the same it will not take up any more or less room than it does on the old drive files will work as before

  david4637 14:56 29 Jul 03

What I am trying to understand is whether loading an image which was based on a 6Gb HD is likely to affect windows performance because perhaps win.ini and or other system files( not sure if this holds the HD spec )still has the HD configured as 6GB rather than what it should be - 30GB. Sorry if I have not explained this very well up to now. Thanks David

  woodchip 15:07 29 Jul 03

No it will not make any difference just load it to the new drive

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